Baseball sent me to many great places. I played winter ball in the Dominican Republic and San Juan Puerto Rico. That’s where my love for exotic places started. It was after my pitching career that I developed a passion for discovering the treasures of World travel.

My Travels have led me throughout Europe, to Costa Rica for baseball clinics, on a fishing expedition in Belize and to many of the great Caribbean Islands. It is my love for things Asian that now has given me so much knowledge as to all that Vietnam, Thailand and Japan have to offer from baseball to challenging golf to the hidden charms throughout SouthEast Asia.

I will arrange and plan your itinerary as well as escort you on a sports tour that will include great shopping and laid back leisure. There will be local guides that will accompany us, as I have established key contacts throughout the world.

Whether it be the Hawaiian Island, Southeast Asia or anyplace where baseball is played I hope to escort you there.