8×11 Hardcover

Steve Trout
& Marlene Matthias

When Mr. Jones yells at his son during baseball games, Bobby becomes nervous and has trouble concentrating.

To help Bobby overcome his nervousness, Coach Rainbow teaches Bobby and the team to play baseball the loosey-goosey way. Coach Rainbow also invites Mr. Jones to practice to have him relive the challenge of playing baseball.

But, will this challenge be enough to teach Mr. Jones how to develop a positive sports relationship with his son?

“Steve Trout was better known as a pitcher than a hitter in the Major Leagues, but he hits a home run with this wonderful book that appeals to kids and parents and the true meaning of sports.”
—Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune writer
and author of many sports books

STEVE TROUT was a starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, and Seattle Mariners. In 1989, Steve finished his 11th year in the Major Leagues. Since retiring from baseball, he has coached baseball at camps in the United Stated and internationally. Steve is the author of Home Plate, Hall of Shame Baseball Rogue Agent, and John’s Journey, Experiences Are Tattoos of the Soul.

MARLENE MATTHIAS teaches high school English, collects children’s books, and enjoys watching her son play sports. Marlene played youth and adult softball and coached youth softball.

STEVE FELDMAN works as a freelance illustrator and artist from his studio/home overlooking the old Oregon Trail in rural north-east Oregon.
Visit him online at www.stevefeldman.com